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Dr. Morise YEH

Singapore Registered TCM Physician

YR 2008 – Graduated from Taipei Medical University
YR 2013 – Graduated from Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine University of China, Guangzhou China
YR 2014 – Trained under Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall, Beijing China

Dr. Morise started her TCM career in China by learning her clinical experience from Dr. Ouyang Weiquan, the infamous dermatologist in TCM China. She has also gained invaluable experience by internship at Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall with all the top most experience TCM doctors in China.

Dr. Morise is well known for her acupuncture services and good at treating patients with prescribed TCM medicines. Her main focus of treatment is dermatology, immunology, internal conditioning treatment. She is also renowned for her treatment in gynecology and pediatrics, along with the pain management via acupuncture.

Dr. Morise is bilingual in English and Mandarin. She is also well-conversed in other local dialect e.g. Hokkien, Cantonese etc.

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