Nurturing Health and Harmony Through Traditional Wisdom


Holistic Treatment, Sincere Care

YEH’S TCM CLINIC is a modernized TCM clinic, focusing on the fundamental by applying holistic concepts and treatment based on syndrome differentiation. All our TCM physicians are subtle towards treating the patients with sincere and patience. They are all registered with Singapore Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Board (TCMPB), and all are bilingually proficient with Mandarin and English with extensive experience in clinical and research based experience.

YEH’S TCM CLINIC aims to promote and advocate modernized TCM, to allow for more local Singaporean and residents to know more about TCM. By focusing on the fundamentals, YEH’S TCM CLINIC implement the holistic concepts and treatment based on syndrome differentiation to help our patients to gain healthy. We adopts the use of a combination of internal treatment e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicines and external treatment e.g. Acupuncture, Guasha etc. to allow patients to achieve body health balance. This will allow all our customers to enjoy a comfortable and effective TCM treatment experience.

Our Vision

Making TCM an integral part of daily life for holistic wellness and preventive health practices

Our Mission

Passionately serve our customers with sincerity and top-notch TCM techniques, while advancing modernized TCM to benefit Singaporean and local residents through innovation and research in the field of TCM.