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The Essence of TCM Treatment: Holistic Concepts & Syndrome Differentiation

The main methods of TCM treatment are mainly embodied in two aspects: use of holistic concepts, and treatment based on syndrome differentiation.

The use of holistic concepts, in another words would be the physiology and pathology of a human body are closely related to the natural climate and environment. TCM physicians would need to examine individuals’ body health signals, and in addition to that to consider every individuals’ diverse living habits before adopt the corresponding treatment methods respectively.

As for the treatment based on syndrome differentiation, this is the basis principles of TCM to recognise diseases and differentiate syndrome, and then subsequently apply the corresponding treatments. In order to recognise the diseases and differentiate syndrome, TCM physicians would need to summarise the medical history, provide consultation to patients such as observation, smell, inquiry and inspect to recognise the diseases and collect the type of syndrome under general TCM guidance. The determination of the type of disease can be established by a few key points: cause and effect, body location, response from the individuals’ immune system etc. As for the subsequent application of the corresponding treatments, TCM physicians would need to choose and select different types of treatment according to the results of the recognition of diseases and syndrome differentiation.

We believe that as long as one’s body health system is balance, He or She would not be subjected to the affect of illness easily.