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In recent years, as material life is better and better, technology is more and more convenient. People are getting more “fat and greasy” in their diet. There are fewer and fewer sports, poor diets, diet and increased stress in life and work. Leading to a decline in the conditions of pregnancy preparation for an increasing number of couples, coupled with the increasing age of childbirth. The incidence of infertility increases year by year. Medically defined as infertility a couple has a normal sexual life of at least 12 months without any contraception and without a clinical pregnancy.

How does TCM know infertility?

There is a long history of observation, understanding and research on the reproductive fertility of both genders in TCM. Infertility and infertility nouns are all found in Zhou Yi; During the Warring States period, Huang Emperor’s Internal Scripture had a more systematic discussion of reproductive physiology, and put forward the “kidney” as the core of the reproductive theory. During the Qin and Han dynasties, China produced the earliest obstetrics and gynecology on the “birth book.” Subsequently, the theory of Chinese medicine reproduction developed in the Sui, Tang and Song and Yuan periods, the Ming and Qing dynasties set the early literature of the achievement, formed a more complete theory.

TCM believes that men have normal sexual function, Good sperm quantity, regular menstrual cycle and ovulation in women, Menstrual volume, color, normal quality, no pain, more susceptible to pregnancy.

Modern TCM treatment of infertility, mainly based on infertility course, maternity history, surgical history, basic medical history, etc., Combining the results of modern medical examinations to understand the etiology and definite diagnosis, Through “hope, smell, ask, cut,” Understanding anomalies such as female menstrual band and male sexual function semen, Discerning dirty, blood, virtual, cold, Through traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture therapy and other methods to supplement the dilation, peace and yin and Yang, to achieve the “men’s strength, women’s meditation,” the choice ” (i.e. ovulation period) The room is naturally conceived into a child.

How to prepare for pregnancy efficiently?

Control Your Emotions

TCM believes that anger, joy, sorrow, fear and liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys are related, emotional disorders lead to the loss of the five organs Yin and Yang, even caused infertility. So we try to keep the mood happy, the state of mind calm, avoid bad emotions.

Diet Routine

TCM promotes a balanced diet, no eating, not eating raw cold, pickled, high sugar, fried foods, quit smoking and alcohol, and increasing the content of iron, folic acid and other foods.

Lifestyle Routine

TCM believes that staying up late hurts liver, kidneys and blood, Long-standing crowds, or long-term houses, Usually liver and kidney Yin, long-term yin damage and Yang, prone to premature aging, dysmenorrhea, infertility, etc., So we need to refuse to stay up late. Focus on hygiene, while exercising moderately, enhance your air and blood, and adjust your weight to the right level.

TCM Internal Condition Treatment (Traditional Chinese Medicine + Acupuncture)

By combining needles and pills, not only can the preconception state be conditioned, but some patients who need assisted reproduction techniques due to their condition may also be assisted with treatment. Improve the quality of sperm and eggs, improve the endometrium receptivity, improve the pelvic cavity microenvironment, post-transplantation treatment, etc.. Increase the success rate of human training, test tubes, etc.

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