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There are several types of treatment for common pediatric diseases in TCM:

Children Coughing

Coughing is one of the common diseases in pediatrics. Pediatric TCMs are treated by identification, Can be from the etiology, disease machine, identification and other aspects of the comprehensive analysis of the child’s disease, According to the difference in physical condition of children, Chinese medicine is used to regulate, Acupuncture, moxibustion and other methods to treat, to achieve the effect of radical cure.

Eczema in Children

Pediatric eczema is a disease with wet skin, erythema, erosion, itching and other symptoms. Pediatric TCM emphasizes the treatment of eczema by adjusting the balance of yin and Yang in children. Traditional Chinese medicine is commonly used in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, TCM acupuncture massage, etc., by regulating children’s physique, warm strength, so that wet evil can be removed, to achieve the effect of radical cure.


Pediatric diarrhea refers to the increase in the number of stools caused by many reasons, water samples, scarcity, yellow and other symptoms. TCM emphasizes comprehensive analysis from etiology, pathogenesis, identification and so on, using Chinese medicine conditioning, umbilical cord therapy, acupuncture and other methods to treat. According to TCM, diarrhoea is mostly associated with abnormal spleen and stomach function. It is possible to regulate spleen and stomach function through Chinese medicine, improve the physical condition of children, and thus cure the disease.

(Nocturnal Enuresis) in Children

Nocturnal crowing is a symptom of infants and young children who often cry during night sleep and are difficult to soothe. The TCM believes that night crowing is caused by weak spleen and kidney, poor gas and blood running. It can improve children’s physique and achieve the effect of soothing children through Chinese medicine.

In conclusion, pediatric TCM focuses on the diagnosis and treatment, by identifying the cause, the disease machine, the children’s physical characteristics, the condition of comprehensive analysis, and then the use of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage and other methods of treatment. Pediatric TCM emphasizes improving the yin and yang balance of children by adjusting their physique, thus achieving the effect of radical disease.

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